Bark Mulch
Premium Dark$42.00/yd
Black $44.00/yd
Hemlock Red$46.00/yd
Brat Pack (certified playground mulch)$38.00/yd

Loam $28.00/yd
Compost $40.00/yd
Garden Mix $38.00/yd

Junk Fill (when available)
Clean Sand Fill $16.00/yd
Play/Mortar Sand$46.00/yd
Screened Sand$23.00/yd
Infield Mix$38.00/yd
Stone Dust$27.00/yd
3/8" Crush (Granite)$45.00/yd
3/4" Crush (Granite)$29.00/yd
3/4" Crush (Blue)$62.00/yd
3/4" Crush (Tiger)$52.00/yd
1½" Crush (Granite)$29.00/yd
2" – 6" Erosion Stone$32.00/yd
3/8" or 3/4" Roundstone$54.00/yd
3/4" or 1½" Hardpack$27.00/yd
3/4" Blue Hardpack $62.00/yd
Big River Roundstone$54.00/yd
Bank Run Gravel$24.00/yd
Reclaimed Asphalt $26.00/yd
Blue River (when available)

Winter Traction
Pure Salt Please call for current pricing
Sand/Salt Mix Please call for current pricing

Firewood (Full Cord, Minimum Order 2 Cords)
Seasoned Please call for current pricing

** Prices subject to change without notice

Custom Orders
There are literally dozens of wholesale growers, manufacturers, and other suppliers throughout the region that provide a terrific variety of offerings beyond what you’ll typically see at most retailers. These include:
  • Greenscape – trees, shrubs and other plants
  • Hardscape – concrete pavers, retaining wall systems, granite and natural stone
  • Specialty Materials – sandstone, limestone, shale, ledge stone, marble and others in a variety of forms
The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for an espalier or large caliper trees, different types of wall stone or unique pavers for a patio - whatever - K&K will work with you to locate it and get it to you. And, we can even install or refer you to other qualified professionals if you wish. We’re here to help you get what you want, and reasonably so. Take advantage of a world of choices and let us help!

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